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Pro Player Stadium was originally called Joe Robbie Stadium which is a football and baseball stadium located in Miami , Florida . The stadium is also the home arena of Miami Dolphins since 1987 and to the Florida Marlins since 1993. The naming rights of the stadium were bought by Pro Player, a division of the Fruit of the Loom clothing company, in 1996. Though the Fruit of the Loom Inc. has gone bankrupt and is no longer producing any 'Pro Player' merchandise, the stadium retains the same name. Pro Player Stadium underwent a $10 million renovation before the start of 1993 season so that the football stadium could also host baseball games. The lower deck in left field was converted to retractable stands and dugouts were built and small stands were added in front of the bullpen areas. The seats are used for playoff baseball games. Some areas in right field have sometimes been covered over and used as a picnic area for baseball games. As a football field has to be made in the stadium, the field of play is larger than in most other new baseball stadiums. The 33-foot tall left field fence is nicknamed the Teal Monster which restricts the ability of players to hit home-run. The city had spent $21 million for renovating the Orange Bowl in 1996. Since winning the World Series in 1997, the Marlins management has regularly argued that Pro Player Stadium is an insufficient stadium to host a major league baseball team on a regular basis, arguing that too many of the seats are too far from the field and angled for football rather than baseball, and that a retractable dome is needed to prevent rain-outs. The stadium did not prevent the team from winning another world championship in 2003, however. Local sportscasters call the stadium "The Pro." Many sports fans call it "Pro Robbie" in respect to its former name.


FedEx and the Orange Bowl
In 1989, FedEx became the official sponsor of the FedEx Orange Bowl Classic. This agreement brought together one of the world's most exciting annual sporting venues with one of the world's most vibrant companies.


In football, speed is the most essential capability of offense's to get behind the defense and score quickly. The speed also allows the defense to out edge offensive maneuvers, and maintain the flow of play. Speed is also the base of FedEx, bringing packages in shortest time and takes the company to the top. As the team works with unity of players, so does the FedEx company which comprises a team of 140,000 employees.



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